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Architecture Photography

Our two-day workshop is designed to unravel the secrets behind capturing the essence of architectural marvels and interior spaces. Throughout the classes, we will delve deep into the core principles of architecture and interior photography, the intricacies of composition, the balance of light and shadow and the interplay of human interaction within architectural settings. With a solid grasp of these fundamental elements, you'll be primed to create compelling architectural photographs. In the second part of the class, we will have a hands-on journey, taking you to the heart of architecture and interior spaces. You'll be guided through practical sessions where theory meets reality, capturing the grandeur and details of architectural elements in real-world settings. 


Throughout this tutorial, we emphasize capturing structures and storytelling through architectural and interior photography. The ability to evoke emotions and tell stories is at the core of our teachings. Join us on this tutorial to refine your skills and ignite your creative vision.

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Day 1: Architecture&Interior Photography Theory 


​   -  What is a good picture?

   -  Principles of architecture/interior photography

Composition Methods for Architecture Photography

   -  Composition techniques for architectural shots

   -  Usage of leading lines, framing, and balance

Lens and Camera Settings

   -  Camera settings

   -  Camera lenses choices

Key Elements: Nature and Human Interaction

​   -  The role of nature and human presence

   -  Storytelling and narratives methods


   -  Introduction to Photoshop

   -  Retouching and enhancing images

Two Days In-person Workshop
Architecture Photography


Day 2: Hand on Practice and Photoshop

Hand-on Architecture/Interior Photography Sessions

   -  Application of architecture photography techniques

   -  In-field practice with guidance from instructors

Hands-On Editing Session

   -  Participants work on their captured images

   -  Instructor assists participants during the editing

Group Review and Feedback

   -  Participants share edited images for group review 

   -  Discuss the strengths and areas of improvement

Conclusion and Final Q&A

Two Days In-person Workshop
Architecture Photography

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